Mobile Wheel Balancing

Our mobile tyre service vehicles are all fitted with electronic wheel balancers. Our balancers are built in latest technology to ensure no transmission of error is caused during the balancing of your wheels.

Why is Wheel Balancing So Important?

When a tyre is fitted to a wheel, the completed & inflated assembly will require ‘balancing’. This ensures that any imbalances of mass (uneven distribution of weight around the circumference) is checked and weights applied to even this out. Failure to balance will often result in a steering wheel vibration at speed, and can over a longer period of time, cause premature wearing of not only the tyre, but other components too like car suspension and frame etc.

Balancing should be checked with a degree of regularity – and certainly in the event of knocks or damage to the wheel/tyre assembly. It should be noted that a vibration at any speed could also indicate a more serious problem and should be immediately investigated to avoid safety issues.